Juego el Ahorcado Biblico

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Play Hangman with biblical words


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Juego El Ahorcado Biblico is a version of the classic Hangman game in which, instead of choosing any old word, you have to play exclusively with biblical terms. This is a perfect way to learn about religion while also having fun.

There are over 100 different words available to play with. The words range from names like Herod to more common words like 'cross' or 'church'.

The goal, as you probably already guessed, is to guess the biblical word or phrase (from the 1960 King James version) by selecting the letters of the alphabet. If they appear in the word, they will be placed in the word, and if not, then you're one step closer to losing.

Juego El Ahorcado Biblico is an entertaining game that kids can use to learn about religion while having fun. Older children, however, may find it too simple.